Mark Blizard, REALTOR

A highly experienced businessman and commercial real estate professional, Mark is renowned for his expertise, creativity, and communication skills.  Clients praise his dedication and ability to exceed their expectations.  From sellers to buyers, Mark is known for his reliability and effectiveness in creating deals and navigating transactions.  Mark maintains a limited, select client base to assure the highest degree of service. 


"I have been in a lot of different facets of real estate and worked with ALOT of buyers, sellers, and leasing agents.  Mark Blizard takes every aspect of an agent and exceeds every expectation."  


"Mark quickly developed expertise about our property and industry...he worked tirelessly...all aspects of preparing our property for sale, developing a business model, finding buyers and industry leaders.  Mark is reliable, easy to work with, and he keeps us well informed.  We would recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in developing business and real estate opportunities."


"Working with Mark as a potential buyer was great.  His initial outreach included relevant information (about the property)...knowledge about our company...and particulars (relevant to) our potential interest.    ...he rolled well with our requests, provided clear communication, with a light but persistent touch.  ...a productive and pleasant process."

Office Phone Number: 423.845.5800

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